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4-Way Security Locking Smart Pet Door


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1. Easy to install, simple and generous.
2. The quality is very good, using ABS material (a very good kind of plastic)
3. Large, relatively large size, suitable for a lot of fat cats.
4. Four major functions:
(1) No entry and no exit (completely closed)
(2) Can go in and out (completely open)
(3) Only in but not out
(4) Only going out but not in



S: Frame size: height 20*width 19*thickness 2CM
Door cover size: inner height 15CM* inner door width 15CM

M: Frame size: height 20*width 19*thickness 5.5CM
Door cover size: inner height 15CM* inner door width 15CM

L: Frame size: height 25*width 23.5*thickness 5.5CM
Door cover size: inner height 19CM* inner door width 18.2CM

XL: Frame size: height 28*width 25*thickness 5.5CM
Door cover size: inner height 22CM* inner door width 19CM


Installation method:


Tools needed: electric drill, iron saw or electric saw, measuring ruler;

Step1: First use a piece of paper to draw the size of the door cover (there may be a few millimeters error);

Step2: Finish the drawing and mark it on the door, and draw the seal with a pencil;

Step3: Use a drill to drill a hole in the four corners of the painted door, and then start to dig the hole directly if there is a chainsaw;

Step4: If it is a glass door, use a glass scribing tool to gently cut it open and fix it with glass glue;

Step5: The hole is cleaned up, now first get a layer of wooden leather to wrap around the hole, for the sake of beauty;

Step6: Install the cat door, there are accessory screws, and screw them on with a screwdriver;

Step7: The screw port is also equipped with a screw cover, press it, OK.




1 * Pet Door




1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
3. S size is thinner than other sizes!!
If you have other questions, you can contact us at any time, thank you.


Additional information


White, Brown, Black


S 20x19x2cm, M 20x19x5.5cm, L 25×23.5×5.5cm, XL 28x25x5.5cm


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