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Cat LED Laser Funny Interactive Toy


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Type:Interactive Cat Laser Toy Pet

Power Supply: USB charging

Main material: ABS

Package size:69*69*115mm

Suitable for:Pet cat entertainment training



1. Two operation modes: single operation mode + automatic operation mode

2. Timing function, play for 15 minutes every 2 hours

3. Two-speed speed adjustment: the toy enters the slow speed gear when it is turned on, short press the power button once to enter the fast speed gear, and short press the power button again to return to the slow speed gear.

4. Various angles are adjustable: lightly press the head of the toy with your hand and turn it up and down or left and right to adjust the different irradiation distances and different irradiation ranges of the light spot;

5. Changing running track: The toy has built-in intelligent running program, so that the running track of the light spot can arouse the interest of the cat.

6. Power supply mode: The toy can be powered by the built-in battery (recharging is required), or it can be directly connected to a 5V USB power supply;

7. Various placement places: the toy can be placed on the desktop/window sill or other flat places;Surface stickers, toys can be stuck on glass or smooth walls. You can also hold a toy to amuse the cat.

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