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Waterproof and Adjustable Anti Flea/Ticks/Mosquitos Collar


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Product: Insect Repellent Collar

Applicable objects: small dogs, large dogs, cats

Product color: grey

Product specification: cat 38cm/small dog 38 large dog 70cm

Efficacy: drive away fleas and tick

Product ingredients: imidacloprid, cyhalothrin

Product service time: about 8 months


1. The small and exquisite appearance is simple, elegant, clean and beautiful.

2. It can directly exert its efficacy by wearing it on the neck of pets to kill infested fleas, lice, mites, mosquitoes and other adults.

3. The collar is provided with a tooth buckle, which can be firmly worn and has certain elasticity. It is easy to disassemble and use.

Package Included:

1x Insect Repellent Collar


Additional information


A-cat 38cm, A-small dog 38cm, A-large dog 70cm

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